V5 2X2 Rubiks cube solver

I’m currently working in V5 blocks to code a robot to solve a 2X2 rubiks cube. What method of solving the cube is best for a robot in V5 Blocks? Also, an additional problem is that the vision sensor will see three of the same colored square in an “L” shape as one big square of the color and completely disregard the last square which is a different color.

I dont have a software reccomendation, but rather a hardware one. As one who has built a rubicks cube solver, it is incredibly easy to build a 3x3 solver than a 2x2 solver because of center slots. Just a tip, if you have not built it yet.


I’ve already built it and it functionally works very consistently. I’ve put it to the test and had it do the same series of four moves (R U R’ U’) 10 times, so total of 40 moves, and it was able to successfully return to a solved state. I’m currently working on coding the beginner method of solving a 2x2. I have all of the algorithms the machine needs to solve the cube, but the only part that’s troubling me is getting the robot to know when to use said algorithms. That’s where the vision sensor comes into play. However, I just need to make it so that the vision sensor sees 2 or more of the same color face next to each other as 2 or more faces rather than one big face.

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Maybe try looking into putting 4 Optical sensors in a 2x2 pattern to get the color. Alternatively, you could also try and figure out how to use the optical sensors with a vision.

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Yeah I’m going to try put the vision sensor closer to the cube so that it only sees one color at a time. If that becomes too much of a struggle then I’ll make the 2x2 optical setup

Place the sensor so it sees 1/4 of one side (one color). Rotate the cube to you rotate through all 20 spots (the last 4 can be calculated).