V5 3 wire ports

For the Vex EDR V5, which ports are which? For example which ports are the GND, 5V, and other. For example for digital, or analog. I was curious to understand whether or not anyone has done any test to determine which are which. So I can connect my Gyroscope using single servo extension ports. Hopefully, someone with experience with connections has an answer to this question. I originally wanted to use my voltmeter to do the test, however, it was lost.

looking at the brain’s side with the ADI ports and the 11-20 port row facing down, the pins should be GNG,5V, and signal from left to right. This is according to the ADI wire colors : black, red and white

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Thanks for the information. What did you use to test which ones were which? If using a voltmeter, how did you mange to get onto the terminals. Was there some website which contained the information?

i did not test it, but just only look at the wire colors

My experience with Arduino is only very basic, thanks for the feedback.

Ha you dont need experience in Arduino, in Arduino you can swap out the colors however you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Like Eden said, white - signal, red - VCC, black - gnd

Edit - Just remembered, the vex connectors fit into a breadboard so you could test the analog value with your arduino (if desired)

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