v5 4 turning point

this sucks that were only allowed 8 motors instead of 12. that’s 4 fewer motors that you have 4 a drive base or a ball shooter or a cap turning device

It doesn’t really suck

What sucks is that it has been a full year since the “product reveal” for V5, and we still don’t even have an actual release date, much less an actual product.

V5 should ship in august.

it depends on the robot design.

The site even says not to hold them to it. That’s not a firm release date.

vex shuldnt say a relase date if its not certin

It “should” have been released last April at worlds. I will believe that it is actually being shipped when i have a tracking number for the box.

Even if it was, that still doesn’t work for teams/schools that start before August.

To secure your trade-in, you have to send in your old electronics.

  • If you send in your old electronics now, you will have to wait until August to get V5.
  • If you send in your old electronics after August, you will have to wait for your trade-in to be processed and shipping to get V5.
    Whichever way you look at it, teams that start before August are either stuck completely without a control system during their normal build/competition season or stuck paying full price for V5 and arguably being at a disadvantage this season.

I consider this situation unacceptable on VEX’s part, and I hope they do something about it.

Not to mention they want us to pay FULL PRICE, for a pre-order. That’s crazy.

Every deposit I’ve paid for tech pre-orders has been about 20% and those had FIRM release dates.

I am not about to hand over full price for a product they’ve shown they cannot release on time.

The Trade In Program says one bundle per registered team. Does this mean one for the 1483 Organization, or one for 1483A, one for 1483B, etc.?

I am not sure which is worse. The first would leave us with four useless cortex systems, the latter is just a cheap grab for an extra $100 a bundle in registration fees.

Do IQ teams count? we don’t register more than two EDR teams a year, but our 520 side has a 18 teams.

It applies for each registered team, not organization. For example, we have 13 registered teams, and so can trade in up to 13 sets of electronics.

We have in the past had as many as 4 competition teams active at one time, and even more regularly, semi-functional teams that never get registered. We have 5 full Cortex systems that are all at the end of their lifespan, 2 purchased the year of their release, the newest still several years old.

We would have to register 5 teams, with only 1 actually competing, to exchange all of ours. That would be an extra $400 in registration.

I believe that this is doable and it definitely saves money. 5 sets would cost $1250 to trade in, so you’re still saving $850 by registering all teams

That is still assuming they actually ship something in 2018.

Quite true. We shall see how things play out, but I’m not too happy that all this turmoil has to occur for my senior year.

It makes me extremely nervous to send in our cortex systems not knowing when we will have the new v5 equipment. We don’t start until the second week of August so that would be ok if they ship right away in August but I don’t have a lot (read: any) of faith that will happen. We are looking at the possibility of not having any electronics for the main build part of the season! I just can’t believe they didn’t have these ready to ship after the reveal at worlds. Something tells me this is going to be an absolute mess. :frowning:

I agree. VEX has done nothing to give me any confidence in their ability to deliver this product.

I field up to 7 teams, however I am only going to send in 5 for the trade-in initially, then later in the year send in the other 2 (since we have up to Dec. 14). I will have enough V4 stuff for us to prototype and even use in early competitions until our V5 stuff is available and up and running.