v5 4 turning point

Sooo, If they miss their august ship date, do you think this end date will be adjusted?

I am not sure. That will be a great question to ask at the Event Partner Summit.

So the choices appears to be… trade-in pre-season and be without a robot brain for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the season -OR- do a Sept., Oct., or early Dec. trade-in and be without a robot brain for a couple of week in the middle of the season -OR- pay full price for V5.

That about sums it up. Plus the high likelihood of it not coming out till 2019 or later.

I fully expect the V5 to ship close to the end of August, but maybe arrive to me by early September.
That sounds like a nice plan we have here,
it would be a shame if the International Longshore and Warehouse Union went on strike early August

dont jinkz us

I expect that between August 17th and 31st, they will announce that the release has been pushed back to the end of October, but still won’t set a date.

With a four week back order.

just adding to the pessimism pile-on

It wouldn’t be the worst idea to ask an official question so we’re not just planning these things on speculation and pessimism