V5 Absurd Wishlist

With Christmas coming up, and Hanukkah passed, what are your absolutely ABSURD wishes for VRC or V5? Maybe more than one brain on a robot… maybe you could use plastic as a structure… anything! maybe we’ll get lucky and your absurd wish isn’t so absurd

How about legalizing CIM motors? That would totally tear up the competition! (Literally!)
Of course, that would require a much anger battery, so whole new hardware would have to be released. It’s just not a good idea.

But an extra battery would be nice to have on the robot.

Now this would be intense… maybe with the legalization of CIM motors, they bring a new battery mount, to mount 5 batteries on one bot!

And a new size limit! Those things take up a lot of space, and the battery stacking would be a nightmare. Maybe for VexPro, they change the robot size to 25” so that everything can be included.

now i would love that. 10x more interesting matches

Just an overall larger size limit like 20x20x20 or 24x24x24, I say because the new V5 stuff is a lot bigger than 393 and cortex so a larger size limit would be nice.

Also more V5 motors allowed :slight_smile:

V5 Motors

  • Wire port on opposite end from the shaft output
  • Mounting flange (possibly removable?) so that motors can be mounted from the rear rather than the face
  • Countersunk socket head hex bolts instead of tiny screws
  • ESD Protection
  • Lower profile to fit in C-Channel

V5 Brain

  • Type B USB charging and programming port instead of Micro USB
  • ESD Protection

V5 Sensors

  • Rebuild the old sensors to use the new cables
  • Instead of the current legacy port rack, have an add on that can plug into the new ports and provide adapted ports
  • A built in, physically disconnected backup battery to take the place of the old 9V to maintain connection when power is lost. Must physically disconnect with the off switch to distinguish between a power failure and a deliberate power off. Major problem of 9V was that if you did not unplug it, it would drain.

V5 Controller

  • More ergonomic grip. It still beats the PIC controller, but it is a step down from the cortex controller. Uncomfortable to hold, awkward configuration of some controls.
  • Add joystick press as an additional control


  • Addition of legal pressure sensor. Pluggable into sensor port for direct feedback to brain.
  • Addition of electrically controlled pressure regulator. Allow program control of actuation pressure in real time.
  • Addition of on board pneumatic pump that can refill tanks during match, possibly in exchange for additional motor count reduction


  • Hole patterns changed to include more radial mounting options, rather than all holes being in line to a single rectangular pattern
  • Addition of face gears for 90 degree motion transfer, in addition to bevel gears
  • Integrated low profile ratchet module that does not need to be assembled to line up with the pre-made holes.


  • Addition of IQ style bearings, as well as some more heavy duty bearings. Something more compact than the turntable.


  • Linear rail shuttle that fits onto standard C-Channel with roller bearings
  • Shaft collar with 8 set screw holes at 45 degrees, for use as stand off angle joints

Some way to use VIQ components. motors and sensors.

Also legalize the plastic construction parts for EDR.

I really like the idea of the extension ports for PWM hubs, but it might be more useful to have an adapter cord instead that can also power 393 motors for competition use. (Maybe sacrifice 1 V5 for 2 393s to help teams with broken motors or shipping delays)

How about more lightweight slide tracks and better linear slide trucks to make linear motion easier? Or just a piece that can slide into the rail slots.

Linear slides and rails really do need reworked somehow. I think adding rollers would help a huge amount. It would let them handle some small amount of bending moment without completely locking up. And having them attach to standard C-Channel, and possibly introducing a smaller C-Channel that is 1X1X1 to go with the current 1X2X1 and the new-ish 1X3X1.

Maybe even make the trucks two pieces so that they can be spaced as desired to ride on any size part, even a 1x5x1.

Why stop there? What about a 1x4x1? 1x6 might be a bit large, but whatever is easy.

I do agree that the linear motion kits need an upgrade. Maybe Vex can look at their structure and motion kits after they get their electronics rolled out. I know the competitors would appreciate it.

@DRow can we get this moved to the “New Product Ideas” channel?

Maybe something like this? Two could be bolted together any distance apart to ride on a specific size C-Channel. May need a bit of work, but it could be interesting.

Interesting. MIght want to extend the top of the two sides with a Teflon-plated piece so that the channel won’t come out of the top.

The idea would be to use two, so that wouldn’t necessarily be needed, but maybe.

An option of 5 V5 motors and 5 393 motors.

Mine that ports are fixed and we don’t have that problem

A new generation of servos, but are still relatively powerful. V5 motors are just too big for some things.

carbon fiber parts lol

The ability to fabricate custom parts from sheet aluminum. Would really change how a robot can be built and designed.