V5 and 393

With the shortage of motors is there any discussion about using half of the V5 allotment and half of the 393 allotment i.e. (4) V5 motors and (6) 393 motors?

About a month ago, I asked this forum about the technical possibilities of mixing motors with the V5 but I never posted the question to the official Q&A. Maybe it’s time somebody ask officially. I thought by now the Powers That Be would have reconsidered their position on this, and on VexU.

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Please read Paul Copioli’s response to the 3.2 V5 Motor Thread - where at the end he indicates clearly second wave of motors will be shipped out soon enough.

I do not see any change in rules for use of 393 nor change to VEXU this season. I do believe that the GDC is well aware of the availability issues early season.

We have not received our V5 systems, we will develop accordingly.

I’m sure they are. But the Vex product page indicates motors, cable tools, battery chargers, etc. won’t be shipping for 6 more weeks if they are ordered, I presume, today. And I’m guessing lots of institutions have not been able to order anything until around this time of year because of head counts, finances, etc. So I’m guessing the time lag could bump a lot of robot building into December-ish. Most kids don’t build things overnight, so if they can develop things piecemeal, blending V5 with 393 motors, then that might help prevent a lot of snarky apathetic attitudes increase enthusiasm and interest.

Just sayin.

Yeah we ordered in august, and if we are only getting 8/20 motors we ordered this will put us into a real bind.

this is without knowing how durable these motors will be, the 393’ were pretty easy to break and if we go through motors at a similar rate the 4 extras i ordered wont last long. assuming we get them before Christmas.

I’ve built a V5 robot with five 393 motors and it didn’t work. More than one or maybe two 393s running at the same time and the legacy ports on the V5 can’t provide enough power (it’s only 2 amps at 5 volts). The Power Expander might work with the V5, but that is clearly a VEX question. I have not tried it.

If this problem doesn’t sort out, I’d recommend just using 393 and Cortex until the motors arrive. As @Rick TYler said, V5 legacy ports aren’t really equip to handle that many motors, so even if you have 3-4 V5, and use 4-8 393’s you’d need a power expander, which would use the old battery. I don’t think that is the intended use of V5. Hopefully the problem will be addressed without having to Frankenstein the two different control systems.

yeah that’s fine for teams that have the resources. But plenty have sent in their only cortex’s, or are like us and have 12 good motors total. You can’t order more because they’re out of stock.

You can build a relatively strong bot with only 8-9 v4 motors

yes, you are right. But you are already at a disadvantage using 12 393’s, vs 8 V5 smart motors. Dropping down to 8-9 393’s you are that much more disadvantaged.

If we don’t get our full order by November we will probably just have one team on V5 and one running the last gen, so in my specific situation we will be fine. However, there are other teams that are not equipped to be that flexible.

I still haven’t gotten my discount codes for my Cortexes I sent in, which means my order probably happens next week.

Assuming the delays for everything we may be building in November or December.

That screws over a lot of teams, especially because we want to take advantage of the discount for the period they’ll have it.

December through January is our primary competition season.

If they’re only getting to early July now, it will be awhile before this gets better