V5 and Cortex motors

Hey does anyone know if it’s legal to use the cortex motors on the v5 at a competition

Rule <R12c>

So the answer is no you cannot.

We let out other team use our cortex since we qualified but we want to test our shooter so would I be able to test it with the v5 and cortex motors outside of competitions

393 and other legacy motors will not perform the way you think on the V5 Robot Brain. It is may be good enough for classroom demos - probably not good for heavy duty use.

Your original question as to whether or not it is legal in competition has been answered succinctly - it is not.

Ok, and do you think I’d be able to test a shooter with it

If you have a power expander, I’d use that to test the shooter. Not supported for competitions, but should work in testing.

Probably not. The “fuse” for the ADI ports is very sensitive and IIRC just starting two motors free spinning at the same time will trip it. I doubt you can use it for anything useful. However, as Oscar said, you can use a power expander to get around this issue as the brain would just be supplying PWM control, not actually powering the motors.