V5 and Distance Sensing

Does the old Cortex Ultrasonic sensor work with the V5 platform?

yes it does, using two of the legacy ports on the side.


So does it show up as a device for use in VexCode Pro?

Yes it does, and when you add the device, click the [?] and then click the “Command Reference” tab to figure out how to program the ultrasonic sensor in VEXCode. If you need any additional help with programming the ultrasonic in VEXCode, using Google or the search bar on this forum will probably give you the necessary answers :slight_smile:


Thanks much, just spooling up on this environment. Noticed C++ was greyed out on VexCode, only block and Python?

Need to use VexCode Pro for C?

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For C++, yes

If you want to use C, PROS still supports it


@TriDragon A little late on the response, but I would recommend not using the sensor unless you use two of them and average out the distance because i found them to be a little bit off.