V5 and Pneumatics

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like using V5 with pneumatics is a huge (and unfair) disadvantage to using cortex motors and pneumatics. If you use 393s, you can get 10 motors and one legal pneumatics system. Since one V5 motor is ~2.5x the power of a 393 motor, shouldn’t V5 robots be allowed 7 motors and pneumatics, compared to 6 motors and pneumatics. Basically, I feel that using pneumatics on V5 takes away way too much power compared to using pneumatics on cortex.

I think a lot of people feel the same way. I’ve read a number of comments saying the loss of V5 motors is way to severe to make the use of pneumatics a reasonable choice. I would tend to agree, though I would note that it’s closer to 2.5x more power, so closer to 3.5x as much power. As such, it could be that it was decided that 6 V5s still have so much more power than 12 393s that losing two of the eight to get the advantage of a whole bunch of different applications of pneumatics would be OK. If that’s how it was decided, my problem with the decision would be comparing 6 V5s with pneumatics to 8 V5s without seems to disagree with it being reasonable, as evidenced by all those comments saying pneumatics with V5 aren’t worth it.

@callen Yeah, and that’s honestly one of the only disadvantages to using V5. You have way too much power on things that don’t need too much power i.e. a claw, and have less flexibility with other subsystems. However, I feel like despite the pneumatics disadvantage, tons of people would still use it because it’s 3.5x the power.

Considering there is implicitly needed pushing for parking this year, I expect a lot of people to want the power and go with V5. And considering you can only use V5 motors if you use the vision sensor, I expect a lot of people to go with V5. So I expect at the end of the season we’ll see a lot of over-powered things as you mentioned, because V5 seems to be the way to go and that is a result. If the ruling on motors were different, I would expect to see some 393s or servos mixed with the V5s and then maybe some pneumatics thrown in, but that 393/V5 mixing isn’t legal so I don’t expect to see many if any pneumatics by the end of the season.

There are some applications with pneumatics that would make them better than having the extra 2 V5 motors. Wait a week or 2 to find out lol.

I don’t doubt it, and I look forward to seeing. Once nice thing is that you could have lots of cylinders working off the same reservoirs. If you have enough actions you don’t need to do very often, this can be great. Also, you get to bring more energy into the game since you have the reservoirs as well as the batteries instead of just the batteries, but it seems like the batteries should be able to handle a match’s duration. Anyway, I look forward to your post in a couple weeks.

I personally would NOT use pneumatics this season because of the motor count and the lack of tasks they can accomplish. The only task I can see them be viable for Turning Point is pneumatic launchers for the balls.

The only thing they CANT do is pneumatic launchers and drives. Everything else I can see


Though you are certainly able to do these tasks, I’m saying its better to do them with V5 Motors.

I think that with so much power being lost with use of pneumatics, the only things that people would probably use them for would be claws (i love pneumatic claws) and possible mechanical angle changers for a flywheel or a piston shooter. Other than that, like lifts and intakes can probably be done better with motors, especially two of them.

It kinda sucks, cause pneumatics are the perfect solution to v5 issue of overpowering mechanisms, but only having 6 v5 motors makes it not worth it. I hope they revisit the exact amount exchanged once everyone needs to have v5