V5 Audio

Looking for Audio for a V5 project. But, looks like V5 doesn’t support it. Was going to cobble together an off-board unit with digital inputs to trigger a few messages. Before going to that trouble wanted to see if anyone had done any audio work on the V5?


Anything audio you want to do off board. The V5 is not a arduino/iot device with all the features exposed. I co-authored a guide on adding a micro controller addon via the smart ports. Link here. What project are you doing?


Our girls team, rising 9th grade, are coming out of IQ into V5. We did a lot of work in VRC in the past, this is first V5. Trying to learn the environment and platform so I can coach it well. The team entered a competition for special ops in Tampa FL so they decided to use the competition money to buy V5 platform to compete next year as well. Wanted animation, looks like drawing may suffice, and need audio too. Was thinking of just designing a quick PIC or Arduino board with digital in’s to play a few messages when the kids V5 toggle a port.

Like your guide, very nice.


This is a pic of the chain bar Bicep for their competition arm.



Yea using the GPIO and a some kind of software serial will probably be a better solution than the smart port stuff. That is more for VEXU and VAIC. You might have to use a separate battery for the arduino because the ADI pins of the V5 are limited.


Thx much. This competition has no limitations like VRC, so we can make some outboards. One of our ex-team members is thinking of starting VEXU for next year, I’ll pass on your article.


So we were able to get the arduino with an MP3 SDCard shield up and running and selectable files via GPIO. Does anyone have any info on the electrical schematic of the new GPIO expander or the old one? I wanted to see about making an opto-isolated interface for the arduino to V5 for digital selection.

Or, does the V5 Pro have standard comms library ou one of the ports. I could dead-bug the 485 transceiver as you had done in your paper. Just not clear on the libraries.

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