V5 Autonomous Motor Jolt

Motor Jolting During Program

I am having issues with keeping consistent autonomous programs for both skills and prematch because of a motor jolt that happens when a motor goes in between sleeping and running. I believe this jolt occurs because the motor is trying to run at the speed I give it, as soon as possible causing it to be offset with the other motors. It could also be a weight distribution issue.

I would really like it to start at a slower speed and work up to a faster speed within one line of code to eliminate the jolt at the beginning. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.

A couple of important things to know is… I am on Robot Mesh Studio, I use C++ programming, I currently use functions for programming, we have a speed gear ratio on the base.

Thank You!


Welcome to the VEXForum @eschroeder!!!

First of all, amazing post. You did really good describing the issue and what you are trying to accomplish.

This probably won’t happen in one line of code. It is possible, but having just one line will either be really poor organization, or just won’t do it.

That being said, what you are looking for is slew control.

Here is some interesting reading about slew control:

A good idea for drive control is to use both Slew Control and PID Control. PID control is essentially Slew Control reversed (well, it has the same effect):

You can do some more searching on this Forum to find more info.

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to ask any more questions you have.


I just wanted to say, thanks to some help from my teammate, I figured out the PID! I really recommend MiniPID, it is a very helpful resource. I wish you luck in your research, @eschroeder! Also, welcome!!!