V5 Basics

My team may be getting our v5 on Thursday, so I downloaded VCS and took a look at it. I use Robot C, so it’s very different. Can someone post just a sample driver control so I can get a feel for the language?

This webinar from Carnegie Mellon seems like it is just what you are looking for.

I highly recommend it. It helps team that are familiar with RobotC transition to VCS and C++. Much of the webinar contains robotC code alongside VCS code to do the same function. I’d recommend that everyone on your team (whether they are programmers or not) watch the first session.

Those were pretty good. I listened in to a few just for fun.

Before you get too deep into VCS, I’d strongly encourage you to take a look at Robot Mesh Studio C++. The function library is largely identical to VCS, but RMS isn’t nearly as buggy or annoying (see other threads).

I would suggest going to vex.help.com


A library for VCS

Wow, you suggested something other than PROS!!!

But, ya, RMS is probably best for most teams.

Probably just a typo, but notifying @DRow anyway

I have been ever since Robot Mesh introduced RMS C++

And the Cortex days were simpler; I truly believe anyone that cares to learn real programming could use PROS for the Cortex. Not so with V5.

in VCS there are a number of example programs written in all languages, though they are basic, you can reverse engineer them, which my team did.