V5 Batteries for Competition

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So at our organisation, we have 2 teams who’ve qualified for our national competition: one using cortex and one using V5. This competition is on Friday and Saturday, but yesterday, the other team (previously on cortex) have decided they want V5, as we got the final allocation of motors in. However we’ve only got 2 batteries in total, and one of which is actually faulty. At previous regionals, our team would use one just for matches, have it on charge between matches whilst using the other for practise, and we’ve managed on that. However if the other team uses V5, we’ll only have one battery each, in different divisions, at our national competition (qualification for worlds), and our team have concerns that we won’t be able to manage 12-14 qualification matches AND robot skills challenge as well, and practise which we will want to do.

The question is, do others think it is possible to do qualification (and knockouts) plus skills challenge, plus practise between matches, just on 1 V5 battery?

Thanks in advance!

Possible, but very hard and stressful. I know from experience. Keep team 2 on cortex, use both batteries for team 1.


I honesty don’t think you can do it. we have one extra battery and one for every team and that was stretching it. also, we had one match where all of our teams were competing and we only had batteries that were at 65-75% charge for the next match. my recommendation is to have one team switch back to cortex or get more batteries.

So far this season, our experience of doing this is not the best.

We’ve had two competitions where we’ve had two teams on one V5 battery each, and it hasn’t ended well, one of them missed multiple qualis to get enough charge, and another one powered off in the knockouts, hence eliminating us (due to BO1), don’t go ahead with this, you’re ruining any chance you’ve got and you would rather have one team do well rather than both come bottom in their divisions!

Thanks for the replies so far guys! This is what I thought would be the general opinion, considering we do want to participate in the robot skills, and actually have time to practice between matches, I just hope the others understand that 1 battery per team isnt the best idea and will hinder our chances if anything

I’d say it is a massive ask to do a two-day event on a single battery. It’s also a big ask for your other team to switch over to V5 this late in the day (unless they have already done the leg work). Rewriting autonomous, making tweaks to the robot to accept the other components, having time to properly test it all…

Have you contacted VEX to get an RMA on the faulty battery?

My team has done this before, but we were lucky not to make finals since our batteries were literally at 4% at the semis.

Keep them on cortex.

VEX isn’t expediting RMAs (at least for my team) currently. At this point there is no hope of filing a RMA and getting it before a competition or even worlds.

Although two batteries is nice it isn’t impossible to run a competition with just one battery. For us we just had to get in the habit off if the robot isn’t running then the battery is charging also go into the competition with it fully charged. You’ll be limited on how much time you can spend on the practice field but it is very much possible to do a competition on 1 v5 battery.

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I just remembered that there is a reset button on the battery. you could try pressing it on the broken battery and it might fix your problem.

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