V5 Battery Charger

Does anyone know the measurements of the male prong tip for the vex v5 battery charger. I don’t have any calipers.


Why would you need to know that ?
(I believe 5.5mm for outside diameter of the battery plug)

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We are trying to get replacement cables and need to make sure we are ordering the right ones. Yes we would order them from the vex website but they are not usb to male prong.

Then I’m not sure I understand which part you want. Do you mean the 4 pin battery cable ?

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It is for the actual V5 battery charger

The battery charger for V5 does not have a removable cable, at least not the ones I have.

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Yes but we wanted to purchase one from another vendor

You mean the whole charger then ?

I’m not able to recommend alternatives. Only VEX chargers are legal for competition, see rule R14.

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We were able to find it thank you for your help.
PS we will be using it for practice only not during competitions

What is output voltage/amperage of the charger?

< R14> V5 Robot Batteries may only be charged by the V5 Robot Battery Charger (276-4812).

I don’t think it means just at the competitions. I also think that given the extreme issues the V5 batteries have been having since they started selling, you are taking a pretty big risk using anything other than their proprietary charger (if only from an “is it covered under warranty” standpoint).

Be careful!

Full specs for V5 battery charger:

Cable type - 2 core

Cable thickness- 22AWG

Insulating material - PVC

Connector diameter - 5.5mm

Connector length - 9.25mm

Input Voltage - 100-240V

Input Current - 0.5A

Output Voltage - 16V

Output Current - 1120mA

As others have said, be very cautious when using your own power supplies, be wary of the quality of a power supply too, they do vary.


The missing info is the pin diameter. It’s probably 2.1mm but some of these style connectors are 2.5mm

Remember, these are just PSUs, not chargers as such.