V5 battery charging

Hi, we recently received our new V5, and we have some questions about the battery.

  1. How long does it usually take to charge
  2. Is it dangerous to leave the batteries on for long periods of time
  3. What kinds of problems have you found and/or fixed so far regarding V5 batteries

Thank you for any information you can give

Ensure that the firmware on the brain and battery is updated.
Typically it’s ok to leave a battery plugged in, but I wouldn’t recommend anything longer than a weekend.

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about 1 hour

No, once charging has completed the battery enters a low power monitoring state, after a few days it may decide to start charging again for a few minutes. However, I would not recommend leaving the battery charging all summer unattended.

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Our coach was like: That battery better be unplugged unless you’re sitting there staring at it

Us: Let’s just update the firmware, and not tell you about it

Coach: Why on earth is this battery plugged in?

Us: Oh, we didn’t tell you? The new firmware makes it totally safe

Coach: Oh ok


Some things I have noticed since we got V5 a week ago:

The robot battery seems to drain quickly. Not near the 30+ minutes of drive time advertised. It seems to drain rather fast when it is on as we are programming or testing.

I have had the battery on the charger since 7:30 am (4 hours now) and the V5 screen shows it is NOT charging but only at 91%. All LED’s are green.

Is this normal? Anything I should check? Thanks


yes, that’s normal if you are charging while connected and using the v5 brain. The brain draws power from the battery, not the charger, so the battery will drop to 85% and then charge will start again.

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How many drive motors do you have? Ratios? Weight of robot?

@jack202020 We have 4 speed style motors in the drive, a turbo intake, two motor torque catapult with a 15:1 ratio, and a toque lift for caps with a 7:1 gear ratio. We do not know the weight.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving batteries on for a long period of time. While the updated battery firmware should make it foolproof, I was a fool with the original software. Now I am attempting to resurrect my pack. Our cell #4 reads zero. :frowning: