V5 battery descontruction

hello can someone tell me how to open a battery v5

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You don’t open the V5 battery.


my equipment has a damaged battery and we want to check it to see if it can be fixed but we don’t know how to remove the covers to check

They are not fixable. You should try to get a new one or borrow one from a team.

In addition, the rules prohibit making change to the electronics.


Call Vex Robotics customer support and they will take you through a troubleshooting procedure and work out if they’ll fix it for you (I am unsure about warranties and durations). You say damaged, but that could mean anything. Is the damage visible, audible, smell, absence of power delivery, refusal to charge? Go ahead and describe it here, but vex customer service have been great here in the UK, so recommend contacting your local.


the battery does not charge its leds do not light up completely black they are

V5 batteries are not user repairable, and are glued together. I strongly recommend not attempting to open the battery as the chance of fire is quite high.


The reset procedure described at the bottom of this page may sort it out. https://kb.vex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035589652-Interpreting-V5-Battery-Lights-and-Errors It may also be that your charger is not working? Try it on another battery, or use a multimeter. If you’re still stuck, call customer services. Good luck!


The best words of advice, especially if it was cortex.

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