V5 battery light error - 3/1/2019 - emergency

We have a V5 battery with a solid red light on the far left side of the lights, as well as a green light on the far right side at the same time. We’re at state right now, and nobody knows what it means. We’d like assistance ASAP.

~Botakus, in concern of the Jagwires

Battery error messages

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We appreciate your helpful link, however, we have already consulted this site, and nothing shows what’s wrong.

None of the lights blink. The far side lights are solid, and the lights do not change no matter what we do, such as unplugging the charger, and resetting the battery.

We have consulted other teams as well, to no avail.

We are extremely sorry that your link cannot help us, and we appreciate your effort.

~Botakus, in concern of the Jagwires

See if the battery medic shows anything off:

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According to a Jagwires member, the battery medic has not been connecting the battery or the cortex to the program.

We have tried and seen if anything was off, however, everything was as it should be. The battery medic has not been connecting.

Have you tried pressing the reset button?

We have tried resetting the battery, unplugging and replugging it, and power cycling it. Nothing is working

Try charging the battery.

We are.

We haven’t unplugged it for an hour or so, but nothing is happening. It seems as if the lights are fixed.

This happened to one of our batteries earlier in the season, although in a far less stressful situation. We tried everything too, and nothing changed. We left it plugged in for a few hours, the lights went back to normal and it has worked fine ever since. We never did figure out what was wrong, but the battery was definitely not completely dead when the lights started doing that and it stopped working. I wish I knew what happened and why, but all I can offer is to leave it charging for a while and hopefully it comes back like ours did.

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This happened to one of our batteries. No updates, reset didn’t work. We set it aside for a week since Vex wouldn’t send a new one but after not being in use for a bit, it seems to have come back. Give it a rest, maybe

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Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for your advice! We greatly appreciate!