V5 battery lights doing wierd things

Showed 3 green lights, one red, sputtered and went back to normal sometimes. Next button press same thing happens. We don’t know what the charge is (we could use a multimeter but why can’t it just work!)

Not identical issues but you may want to look here- V5 Battery lights conundrum

The light issue might be #6 https://help.vex.com/article/142-how-to-interpret-error-messages-with-the-v5-battery

Do note @jpearman caveat to not use the manual reset button indiscriminantly.

Thats odd. Haven’t heard of that one before.

I’d reccomend trying this.

(moved to EDR Tech support)

I just want to add that any advice given out before the October battery update is probably obsolete now. The October update was pretty significant and all the early charging and other issues were addressed.

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Also make sure you are using the right charger. One of our team mates used the triple A charger to charge the v5 battery and they experienced something similar to this.