V5 Battery Low Cell Voltage Errors

Awhile back, a sister team posted this thread about their battery not properly powering their robot. It was later determined their battery was suffering from a ‘low voltage cell’ and was ‘not recoverable.’
Today, another different sister team encountered a similar problem (high quality image attached below). Could there have been something in common both teams did to cause this? Is there anything that can be done about the batteries, or are we going to have to dispose of them?
Our Coach is not very pleased right now
(cell 4 is low voltage)

It’s not that uncommon to see some low voltage errors, if the battery can last 10-20 minutes of normal robot operation it’s still ok.

The second battery in question was at ~30% charge and ran out of power while running battery medic, is it still good for use?

There’s no simple answer to that. Certainly that one cell is going to determine battery capacity and life, but if the battery can run the robot for 10+ minutes it’s still ok to use.


image battery_medic_8.png

Here’s an image from a battery I use, cell 2 will cause battery shutdown when it reaches 2.35V, but the battery can still run the robot for 15 or more minutes