V5 Battery Plug

What plug does the v5 battery use? Is it proprietary, or is it a commonly used standard? Thanks
EDIT: Sorry if I was unclear, I was talking about the v5 battery charger

@Jared2183 It’s proprietary currently, and it is only available when you get a new V5 kit. That means you need to be extremely careful when you handle this wire. Make sure your design does not expose this wire to other robots that might collide with you. We also try to avoid unplugging and plugging the battery as much as possible since we do not want to wear the connectors down. With that being said, we only have one battery right now, so we just plug into the wall charger when our battery is low.

do you know if the v5 battery charger is proprietary? btw thanks for the tips about the battery cable, ill try my best to keep it safe

Just to clarify - if you are competing, it doesn’t matter since you must use the v5 charger. Not sure if that applies to your situation…

Oh alright, got it

No, it’s not. In fact, you can plug the V5 battery into the power supply for VEX’s AAA chargers, and it will charge the battery, just slower than the higher power one that comes with the V5 battery.