V5 Battery Problems

Hi everyone. We’ve recently run into an issue with several of our v5 batteries.

  • The batteries will read 0 voltage when checked with a voltmeter
  • The lights do not turn on at all
  • Charging the batteries has no impact on the voltage after being removed from the chargers.

We have already tried most, if not all, of the advice given on this forum, including:

  • Resetting the firmware
  • Charging the battery with the brain plugged in (for a couple of hours)
  • Connecting it to a brain and trying to allow it to turn on and boot (brains and cables are known good)

If anyone has any advice or anything we could try, that would be very helpful. We have a tournament this Saturday where we were planning to use v5, but now it seems high improbable that we will be able to and will have to switch back to v4 robot from earlier in the season.

You need to contact vex support and explain the situation. There’s probably no way to recover these.