V5 Beta Testers Selected!


I am excited to announce that we have selected all 300 of our V5 Beta testers.

Those of you that were selected will see an e-mail early next week with follow up questions and information. Those that were not selected will also be notified.

We had almost 2,000 individuals apply to be beta testers so the decisions were quite tough. In the end, we selected testers who would really take the system to its limits in different use cases and in different environments.

We will create a special forum inside the VEX forum for beta testers and the VEX staff to communicate, provide instructions, and provide the testers an opportunity to share their findings and results. This means every beta tester must have a login for this forum. When we follow up with you, we will ask your forum name and the e-mail associated with the forum as an additional e-mail.

For those of you that submitted with a different name than your user account e-mail, we will make sure we have all three points of contact before you will be shipped the product.

Again, thanks to everyone who applied and stay tuned.


This sounds great! I’m a bit sad we have to wait longer to find out who made the cut, but I’m patient. This special forum also sounds interesting. Will the regular forum users be able to see this special forum (Kind of like a read-only version of the forums) or is it just confidential between the Beta testers and the VEX staff?

There will be a combination of both. The one the regular forum users can see will probably be moderated / posted by VEX employees.

Ok. Another question. Are the beta testers required to run certain specific tests that are provided by VEX or do they have the freedom to build whatever they want with the system provided that they still meet the 1-post per week quota?

Im so hyped!!! Are you guys willing to say what the beta testers will have access to specifically, eg: How many motors, visions sensors, bumpers and limits, etc. Thanks!

If I’m selected for beta, can I post videos with v5 parts to my YouTube channel?

I don’t expect to have been picked as a beta tester (I’m a newer student and have only participated in Vex EDR), but I’m really excited to see what kinds of things Vex and the VexForum have in store!

I’m gonna guess that a NDA would be arranged

3 in 20 chance… not bad

Will those of us who were lucky enough to be chosen be allowed to build and then demonstrate a robot using the V5 at our upcoming contests?

I’m new to posting on the forums but have been reading them for years. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a beta tester, and am looking forward to working with my students to push V5 to see what it can do!

Our mentor got in as a teacher

I’m going to guess we’re beyond the NDA stage, and they will WANT us to talk about it…

Looking forward to taking part in the Beta Testing and pushing V5 to the limit, cant wait for it to arrive!!

We just handed in the form last week! Excited about the shipment!
I would really like to know when the forum will be created? I have some questions now already…

Ours has arrived. Anyone else?

Our schools FIRST instructor got it, we’re messing with it as we speak.

Kids are disappointed not getting selected to be a beta tester. 30+ VRC teams. Dedicated VEX building. Ran 1000+ official VRC matches. Kids have experience with every sensor.

Oh well, please leave updates how it is going.

Just received the kit on Friday. I am so excited!

so guys who got it can you guys post some stuff about V5 and is the vex forum chat where they were going to discuss stuff about the V5 available to everyone else