V5 Blocks Inertial Sensor Problems

I have been coding a project recently with VEXcode V5 Blocks, and I recently ordered an inertial sensor, and so I put it in the code to see what I could do with it. However the sensor hasn’t arrived yet and I wanted to work on my robot. So I removed the sensor from the code, but it looks like it didn’t remove everything related to the inertial sensor; the line that calibrates the drivetrain wasn’t removed.

This is a problem because it won’t let me build (compile) my code. When I add the sensor back in code (even though there is no sensor on the robot), it downloads okay, but it spins in circles indefinitely during the first autonomous turn (I’m assuming because it can’t get a reading from the sensor).

When I converted the project to text code, I found the line of code that told the sensor to calibrate the drivetrain, and removed it. I don’t have the robot, so I can’t download it, but the code is able to build once I take out the line of code.

This makes me think that it’s a problem with VEXcode and not a problem with my program (which is why I didn’t post the code). My question is though, is there a fix for this (maybe a way to get around it) without doing it in text coding or manually rewriting the entire program?

Quick responses would be much appreciated as I have a scrimmage on Friday and right now my autonomouses don’t work. Thanks!

TL;DR: When you add and remove the inertial sensor in V5 Blocks the code won’t build because it doesn’t remove the line that calibrates the drivetrain.

Did you add the sensor to the drivetrain ? There’s no inherent issue that I know of, perhaps send me the project.


ok, I pulled the project from the feedback system and it looks like blocks is generating that call incorrectly, dev team will have a look tomorrow if I can’t see what’s wrong tonight.


Thanks for looking into it.

Yes, I did. Would it still have the same issue if I added it separately?

I sent you a DM with a project that should load. But it seems that changing project slightly, saving, quit VEXcode, launch and reload solves the issue.