V5 Blocks vs VCS vs PROS

For my robotics midterm, my teacher is giving extra points to the student whos robot can finish the challenge the fastest. I wrote it in Blocks due to the nature of the assignment and it’s simplicity, but I am wondering if there’s any inherent disadvantages in terms of operating speed using Blocks instead of text. Along the same line, is PROS any faster?

(For context, we are using claw bots and the task is to drive forward some feet, turn, drive forward, pick up a soda can, turn around, get back to the start however you like then do a 360 and drop it)

No, the maximum speed of the motors is the same regardless of what programming environment you’re using.


As @holbrook stated there is no motor speed disadvantage with one programming solution over the other (as long as both are using voltage, or both are using rpm control). However, this is a disadvantage in terms of code execution speed in blocks that has been observed. Every time you call a user-made function, there is a small (I believe 20ms) delay added. If you have many functions this can add up to a significant amount of delay.

Where did that theory come from ? As far as I know, the only delay that block code adds is a small (5mS) delay to loops.