V5 blocks won't download

So I have my code done and ready to test but it will not download to my v5 brain/cortex the thing with the touch screen. I have trying downloading it through the computer different USB slots and different cortex none of which made it work and ideas?

Are you using cortex or V5?

Did you install the latest version of VEXcode and VEXos firmware utility?

Does firmware utility recognize your V5 hardware?

Could it be that Antivirus is interfering with them?

Your screenshot shows the brain is connected (it’s green).
make sure no other programs that may be trying to communicate with the brain are open (ie. VCS, VEXcode text or V5 firmware update utility).

Do you get any errors when you try to download ?


I am using a V5 cortex

It might be the school firewall but I could download code a few days ago. I am completely up to date and it sees the V5 cortex/brain thingy.

What apps do you have open on your computer? Even mimised windows?

So I removed the print code and the code worked so I think that is the problem.

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