V5 Brain Bug when turned on

Whenever I turn my V5 brain on, a message with an orange background comes up and states “Ensure a battery is plugged into a wall adapter and charging. Proceed?” Our batteries are always fully/almost charge. I have no idea what to do to get this message to stop coming up.

It wants to update the battery firmware. Follow the instructions on the screen.


You’ve been running 1.0.9 firmware on your batteries for two years?

Wait you’re supposed to update? I could never make the message disappear so I just ignored it the whole time

As @jpearman follow the directions on the screen - keep brain powered on with battery connected, then connect battery charger. This will allow battery firmware to be updated.,

Too often teams ignore this. During inspection, I attempt to educate teams about importance to follow the sparse directions. It has been about two years since teams have all had a “normal” year. I encourage all EPs this year to focus on the basics.

VEX should look to make this message more process driven “STOP - Please keep v5 Brain powered on, connect external charger to battery and allow for firmware to complete”. or what ever fits in small screen…

@Sylvie not surprised - rough couple of years…

On my end - long slumber before club exited COVID hibernation - so I have seven (7) batteries not able to startup … This is a real problem for clubs across the club - not a design flaw - just an unexpected scenario “leaving batteries in charger for over a year” or “;leaving batteries not connected to power source”… COVID has been unkind globally. Be kind


Thank you!! I didn’t realize that’s what it meant.

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I guess so. Yikes. Will update right away now!


you are not alone :slight_smile: Feel free to ask event volunteer inspectors / referees…

No one running an event wishes you to have a bad day.

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