V5 Brain circuits?

Does the V5 brain have motor circuits like the cortex does with ports 1-5 and 6-10 being on 2 seperate circuits.

No. All ports are are in one group.

I am looking to find the post that backs up my statement.

Here you go:

V5 relies primarily on individual motors to limit their individual current draw. In the case that the total power draw from the smart ports is too high despite motor throttling, then I expect the Brain will take action accordingly.

The legacy ports are on their own circuit breaker, though.

Actually, each motor is in its own group - each V5 port is individually fused using eFuse - a current monitoring circuit that disconnects the power immediately on the overcurrent event, and can enable power again quickly if needed (no cooldown).
Yes, there is really 21 of those chips inside the V5 brain.

Thank you bot, very cool.

Also, good to know once I finally get my hands on a V5 system.

I’d actually like to see the AI behind these bot posts. It’s obviously been trained on this forum in some capacity, and the first sentence of its other post was actually somewhat coherent.