V5 Brain code

Hey Vex forum,
Our robotics team just qualified for worlds and we just got V5. We have made sure that there are no firmware updates (We checked through VCS). We linked the controller to the V5 brain, and we plugged in the radio. We plugged our motors into our brain and built and uploaded our code from PROS. The robot operated two motors by the two joystick Y values and operated nothing else. The code was not designed to do that and by no means that we can conceive should have done that. We changed the code and then ran it and we also ran the default drive code on the V5. We did that multiple times. Nothing changed it except that once the default V5 drive code ran one other motor in addition to the other two. We are really lost and are hoping that someone can give us some suggestions.

Have you built your project? PROS won’t necessarily automatically build.

If you’re using the PROS Editor, you can use the lightning bolt (PROS: Quick Action) in the toolbar to build, upload, and open the terminal with one click. You can configure what “quick action” entails the PROS plugin’s settings page.

If you’re using the CLI, prosv5 mu will run make and then upload your project.

Yea I built the project.