V5 brain connnected, program won't download

VCS says the brain is connected, the program compiles and downloads, but it never shows up on the brain. I have tried several brains, different usb cords, and closed and reopened vcs. Any ideas?

It happens quite often.
Just restart the brain and try again.
We usually change the name of the program to check if it’s downloaded successfully.

Thank you for responding. I have tried restarting the brain several times and even tried a different brain. The program compiles and says downloaded successfully, but never shows up on the brain.

What happens if you click the ‘Play’ button, does it run?

What if you attempt to run the program through the controller, do you see the programs there?

This is happening to us, and our regional competition is tomorrow. Any results yet? We have a single spare brain but we want to try and fix ours. New wires and a separate laptop were testedand still nothing.

Are you sure it downloads ? Check the console at the bottom of VCS and see if there any errors. If it really did download it will go to the program run screen on the brain.

Ok, I finally got it to work after 24 hours of troubleshooting. I restarted the computer and it finally shows up on the brain. Very strange.

Restarting my computer didn’t work last night, I uninstalled and reinstalled VCS based on another forum post. Hopefully that works, will have to see when the team reaches the hotel. thanks!!

The only part of the puzzle that hasn’t changed seems to be the brain, I would try that. One thing I noticed is the brain would say connected, but the number of the brain was incorrect, telling me there was an error between the computer and the brain.

The number of the brain?

For me, F6D02700 pops up when connected instead of 0000000. When you connect the brain, and go to the ‘Brain’ button in the upper left, do you see a number or just ‘0000000’?

SNE Regional has been postponed…

Yeah, we were minutes out from Worcester when we got the call from Betty Lauer to go home

so sorry to hear that - I am local, so not as impacted by this.

However, hope you resolve your issue in the coming two weeks. Good Luck!

Thanks! Good luck to you guys regardless.

My daughter will be competing for Marlboro and my alums for Framingham… I might be in one of the skills room wearing a wacky jester hat that matches North Andover colors and is a tip of the hat to the mad hatters… I guess I am the UN in the region :slight_smile:

Any hat is a good hat. We are the mad hatters after all


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