V5 brain flashing and ticking?

We finally got our V5 stuff less than a week ago and have not had any issues with any part of it until today. After using it very, very lightly for a couple hours the brain started having issues. We plugged the battery in (good charge) and the screen appeared quickly then flashed and turned blue. Replugged in and it flashed and went to a black screen with tons of short, thin, horizontal lines. Replugged in and it comes on correctly… but when a motor is plugged in it goes blank then to a flickering white screen. Throughout much of this it is making a ticking noise at various volumes.

It had issues for maybe 10 tries, then we left it off for awhile. When we went back to do more testing, we determined that the problem happened most often specifically with one motor in port 20 and particularly when there were no motors plugged in at first and then port 20 was plugged in after it was on (although sometimes it did fine until you tried to actually run that motor). Thinking it might possibly be a bad port or a bad motor, we then tested with a different motor in a different port - and it started doing fine!! We were then able to run the original motor in the new port and then the original motor in port 20 with no issues.

Additional note - it is possible that at some point towards the beginning the motor plugged in was connected to a load that was too much for the gearing (we had been doing a few preliminary tests before trying different gear ratios).

Troubleshooting options for the future? We only have the one battery (another is on backorder).