V5 Brain Fonts

Not sure if this is the right category, but does anyone know what different fonts are available for the V5 brain? All I know of is mono. Thanks

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So you want to write to the brain in comic sans? The judges will dq you for that lol


No they won’t. They will politely ask you to change it to Papyrus.


If you are using PROS, which uses the LVGL library for the Brain display, you can load custom fonts.
I believe PROS comes with a few bundled in, and if not you can use the LVGL font convertor. Check out the LVGL docs for more information about fonts.

If you are using VCS/VEXCode/RMS, I’m not entirely sure if there is a way. If there is, it would be listed in their documentation, so go take a look and see if there is something that looks like what you want.


It seems like we get some ObVIoUs G3 G1 vilations and violations here. ThErE NoT TrEaTiNG EvErYONe WiTh ReSpEcT.

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