V5 Brain freezing

Last week I received my V5 from NZ Nationals. When I turned it on for the first time on Wednesday I started updating firmware. I was about to update the firmware of the joystick but neither of the yes or no buttons responded on the brain. I then tried to turn off the brain by holding down the power button. This however did not work. I found the only way after being advised by members of the discord group to power cycle the brain. This reset it and allowed me to finish the firmware update of all the rest of the hardware. After this I was testing some motors not attached to anything running in the default clawbot controls resulting in a second freezing up of the brain where the screen stays on what it was on when it froze and the motor losing power. The joystick displays link lost and the only way to fix it is to power cycle it. The brain keeps freezing and since then it has done it 25 more times.

I have force refirmwared it and it continues to be an issue sometimes freezing when I download code sometimes freezing when something disconnects from it such as a motor and freezing, sometimes when im navitgating the menu and when I use the default clawbot code. I will try to get a video tonight of this occuring. thanks -Jacob

It sounds to me like a defective v5 brain. What are you using to program ?

We have coded a basic code using okapi library in PROS for V5