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Hey, so in tower takeover you need a different auton program for red side and blue side. Is there a way to have both on the same program, and then pick which one you want to start by pressing a button on the brain? I am using VEXcode for the first time, so any help would be appreciated. I put a copy of our code below. We need it to have two buttons on the brain, one for running autonL and the other for running autonR.

v5code-project-negtive_brain.zip (15.0 KB)

Note: im using v5

Yes, this is a common thing to do. The term to search for on the forum is “autonomous selector”.

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The other forums are not really that descriptive and i am very dumb. could you please help me?

What my team used last year was jumper clips. We would make a conditional statement that checked if the clip was in and then depending on which pins were in, it would execute a different program. Just remember to carry the clips at all times, I lost more than a few matches last year because of this.

This might work, but I prefer pressing the brain.

jumpers are not a good solution, because it’s easy to misplace a jumper and trigger the wrong auton, also it uses precious 3 wire ports.

the easiest thing to do is just to download all your different autons into different program slots and select the right one when you start your program on your controller. it’s kind of tedious to make changes to your autons, but it’s not too bad. I do this.

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My bad, I thought op was using V4 because he said cortex. This year, I do what you said, it’s takes a bit more time to save everything to a flashdrive, but it is easier than having to remember jumper clips.

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