V5 Brain Image

how do I import a custom image from my computer to my v5 brain using python in Vexcode v5.

put the image on the SD card, png or bmp format, 480x240 pixels or less. This is the Python API.

def draw_image_from_file(self, filename: str, x: vexnumber, y: vexnumber):
    '''### Display the named image from the SD Card

    #### Arguments:
        filename : The file name of the image.
        x : The X coordinate for the top left corner of the image on the screen
        y : The Y coordinate for the top left corner of the image on the screen

    #### Returns:
        True if successfully drawm, False on error

    #### Examples:
        # draw the vex.bmp image on the screen at coodinate 0, 0\\
        # an image named vex.bmp must be on the SD Card in the root folder\\
        brain.screen.draw_image_from_file('vex.bmp', 0, 0)

could u say that agian but with the file name its “hulk image.jfif” its kinda confusing, also could i just compy and paste this right into my code or do i need to fill in some things

we do not support jpeg images. This is all you need.

brain.screen.draw_image_from_file('vex.bmp', 0, 0)

where vex.bmp is an image on the SD card.


what files do you accept png?

Does this work on V5 C++

yes, the equivalent C++ command is

Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile("vex.bmp", 0, 0);

search the forum, this has been asked a dozen times before.


Is there a way to do it on blocks?