V5 Brain Just stopped running competition code

We had something completely new happen to us yesterday and I’m not finding a solution in the forums. If there is one, please direct us to the link. One of our teams was on the field driving their robot. They turned off the brain and removed the robot. They turned on the brain to drive again and all the motors were unresponsive. They can get into all of their codes on the brain but nothing works. When we switched over to the default Drive code motors started working but are not plugged into the custom ports. We tried a different controller and still no response. We moved the code over to a new brain and they are driving again.

I have not seen this before. They can enter the codes, but nothing works. Thoughts?

Hm- was it a white screen? it’s pretty rare but common for a robot to malfunction during a competition. Or maybe it was just the setup of the control stand? Even if it was a white screen- the robot should have recovered after the restart. I’ll try to do more research on this phenomenon.

You should write a simple program that lets you check all of your (possibly dead brain) ports. Write back to tell us some of the ports are dead or all of the ports are dead.

(You may also want to cut the time down and contact VEX to see if you can get a repair done on the brain. But they are going to want to know the extent of the damage)

I can run some tests. It was not during competition and there was no white screen. They were just practicing on our field in class and literally just turned off the robot, carried it to a table, and turned the robot back on. That’s when none of their programs worked.

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Weird- Ive never heard of this before-

Same. We have never heard of this happening. I just tested the default Clawbot code and everything works. I reset the settings to factory settings and tested the team codes and nothing works. Next I’m going to wipe all of their codes and redownload but I need to team here to do that. So later today.

Is there an error message on the brain when you run the code? If so, can you send it?