V5 Brain - LoopBack Test Failed

Received new V5 systems in July.
Three brains indicated “LoopBack Test Failed”. When first started. If connected to V5 Firmware Utility 1.0.7, it indicates that firmware is up to date. The forced firmware option works but once rebooted the V5 appears to start normally, the home screen appears and then it reverts to “Loop Test Failed”.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have no clue. That is something I have never seem before. I am assuming you tried resetting the brain.

I think this can only be answered from @jpearman

@danrob Sorry about that it looks like some test code was left on that brain.

To fix that all you should have to do is quit the program and then go to Settings->Delete Programs …
That should remove that test app and keep it from auto launching.

On some of our test app the home button will get disabled. If that is the case you can connect your brain to a PC and use VEXcode to stop the program remotely. Once the program is stopped then delete it and you should be good to go.

Sorry again. Let us know how it goes.


Brain Date Code

@danrob Can you also provide the date code on the back of the V5 Brain? What kit did these come out of? (i.e. 276-7000, 276-7010, 276-4810, etc.)



Thanks Mike - apologies in the delayed response. I sent it back to the distributor here in Taiwan and they replaced it.
I do have the date code though: 1947AG. But no longer have the V5 brain.
Thanks for your quick response.

Got it.