V5 Brain Not Powering On

Our V5 brain will not power on. When I press the power button, the indicator lights on the battery light up but the brain screen does nothing. It stays black. I have disconnected the power cable and reconnected it, no change. The battery is full power. I even changed batteries, no change. Any ideas?

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Make sure that you have tested all possible sources of faults. Have you tested the brain with a known good battery and cable? (One that works on another brain) Also you should disconnect all other devices from the brian’s other ports.

I’m assuming that you have taken these steps so if you’re still having the issue, @jpearman can probably help.

what’s the history on this brain ? Was it working recently ? Is it new ?

You can try to power on and then see if VEXcode can see via USB, or perhaps plug in a motor and see if the motor port led is red. It may just be that the screen backlight has an issue. If that is the case, a “reset all settings” may help, shine a flashlight on the screen so you can perhaps just see enough to go to settings and use that.

If the brain does not power a motor or anything else, it sounds like hardware failure.


I had something similar happen at worlds, turns out it was a bad battery cable where one or two of the wires had gotten loose.

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Check the brain for any damage (like if it recently fell) and try the battery cable and battery with a working brain! Good luck!

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