V5 Brain Port Mechancial Failure?

We have had our motors blinking in and out of functionality. If we move them to different ports, however, they work. Ports 1 & 2 will work if we jiggle the wires, but will cut out again if the wire moves again. Port 5 just flat stopped working today. I suspect that the pins in the ports are what is failing. Any second thoughts?

we dealt with a similar issue here. Unfortunately that means that the port or motor is toast. Make sure you can see the broken pins before assuming the port is broken. (it may still be Broken even if it looks okay, but it is important not to disregard potentially fine ports.)


Well, if we move the motors to another port, they work fine. If we move other motors to the bad ports they don’t work. No wires get switched or traded.

then the port pins are what you’ll need to check

I just tested all 7 motors on the bot with all 20 ports, excluding the one on the end. Surprise, surprise, they all work!! I suspect that the v5 system is not quite stable.

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