V5 Brain Ports Broken

Our team was practicing with the robot yesterday and we somehow managed to break 2 ports. The motors would just stop working and once we did a power cycle and reset the robot, the motor would flash red and we wouldn’t be able to control it using the brain.

This is the second brain we have gone through. On the previous brain, we broke 4 ports. On the current one, we have broken 6 to 7 ports. If we keep breaking ports at this rate, we won’t even be able to make it to our first competition.

The port breaking also happens while we are driving so definitely not a good thing. Last year for Turning Point, this never happened to our brain. We went all the way to worlds without a problem.

Does anyone have a solution?

The wires?
You should try contacting vex support

get a new brain, warranty should cover that.
I think the newer v5 stuff is less buggy like that, we haven’t had any issues yet with ours, and we got it at the end of last season.

Are you sure he ports have burned out? Try plugging a radio in to make sure.

It may be the mother that are burning out the ports