V5 Brain ports frying

Current as of now 6 of my 21 ports have fried. I have no clue why they are frying. Can someone help? (I’ve tried a new wire didn’t work(Both custom and premade))

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This same issue has been happening with me. Our right roller is the port that constantly fries the ports. I don’t know if this is because of the wires, the motor overheating, or something like a static charge. I have no clue what to do. We are planning on replacing the motor we use for the right roller and see if that helps.

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We have the same problem, blew 10 ports in quick succession and we currently use 10 ports. All ports were blown by the right intake and we have gone through multiple rebuilds, swapped motors, and
swapped wires. The program for the intake never does anything shady with it intake either since we use motor_groups in VEXCode and the left intake has never blown out.

The problem with is this that they are not being sold yet and will take a while for competitions to adopt. We have 1 spare port and if 2 blow out at a comp then we are seriously disabled. Is there any ETA for these mats?

To avoid them frying them in the future, use ESD bands (Electrostatic Discharge). You can pick them up at Micro Center or Best Buy for like 2 bucks apiece. We use them, and have never had a port fry.

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Another idea for protecting ports is buying some ferrite cores and putting them on your wires. I’m under the impression that they count as cable protection and are legal and have worked well on our robot. They can be bought off amazon for around 10$