V5 Brain Radio Type

When I select Settings on the V5 Brain Radio Type says VEXnet but is greyed out. Isn’t selectable.

Is a radio attached ?


Yes, I have tried a couple of radios and get the same thing, and have plugged them into different ports

Does the radio show in the devices screen when you plug it in ?


Yes, it displays in port 19. I’ve tried different ports also.

When I select the radio in the devices screen it says not linked and mode is VEXnet

When I plug in the controller with a smart cable to the brain it links with the wired connection quickly but when unplugged never connects with VEXnet.

Try using “reset all settings” in the settings screen.

Is the V5 fully updated to the latest vexos (1.0.12) ?


It shows the latest version 1.0.12 and I selected reset all settings. Restarted brain and get the same thing. I also tried different radios. The light on the bottom of the radio at the plug just blinks, I can take the same radio plug it into a different brain and all the lights come on showing connectivity.

I noticed earlier when I did update the firmware that it never prompted to update the radio firmware as well.

Is their any way to force a firmware reload or a hard reset button on the brain like the controllers have?

The led in the radio connector will blink when the radio is selected in the devices screen. If it is blinking quickly, then the radio is stuck in the bootloader, that probably means there is no communication between radio and the V5 brain. Try another cable and/or port, usually a bad port on the V5 or radio is responsible for this situation.

hard to say if this is relevant, the radio may have been updated by the other brain you tried if it’s working on that one. Not every version of vexos has new radio firmware.

You can reload firmware using the VEX firmware utility, but vexos is pretty much go/no go, if it boots then the firmware should be good. There’s no hard reset like the controller, just disconnect the battery.