V5 Brain Screen Pressed

Hello. We are currently attempting to make a software that allows us to make buttons on the screen. We are trying to say if the screen is pressed from x to x, and y to y, then it will open a new page on the screen and display new information. We believe we know how to display several screens (using int and assign an int value to a display), but we don’t know how to detect a press on the V5 Screen. If anyone has any guidance or examples for something like this and they are willing to share, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hello there! First and foremost, there are multiple ways to answer this complex question.

#1 you can use the existing vex code detailed here → How do you make buttons on the brain screen?? to code using pressure sensors on the cortex, a simple solution if you are an ametur at coding

#2 PROS is a software that some teams use and will take expirence and time coding to function properly. If done correctly, you can override the cortex software to allow for previously not possible code like, buttons, colors, a new kernal, and more. Its definatley something to look into and may take a while.

Thats a picture of it done correctly. Took about 2 hours to get working, but was worth the time. Though, you do have to re-write your code, and mess with integration. It honestly depends on your skill.

That being said, I hope this helps and I hope you do well in Tipping Point!


You can use Brain.Screen.pressing() to check if the brain’s screen is currently being pressed. You can then get the position of the last place it was touched with Brain.Screen.xPosition() and Brain.Screen.yPosition(). You can refer to the Vexcode API docs if you want more information on this.