V5 brain SD card >8 programs

The V5 has an SD card, and 8 program slots, but does the SD card slot allow more than 8 programs to be downloaded? If so is there a limit as to the number of programs which can be downloaded into the SD card? Is it just limited to the space of the SD card? And where on the V5 brain screen will it appear?

No, SD card cannot be used for additional programs.

What’s the SD card used for?

you can read and write files from your program. The files can be anything you want, including images.

So the SD card just expandes the size of each of the programs.

theoretically yes. But usually the program will be reading images or something like that. For example, when Doom was ported to the V5, all the game assets were on the SD Card.

You can use it to read images, or write and read in variables eg. Auto select

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