V5 Brain sees Vision Sensor as Camera, not Vision?

I have multiple Vex V5 brains and vision sensors that came with the Self-Driving Automobile. While waiting for the chip shortage to end so our new V5 kits will be shipped, we’ve dismantled the Autonomous vehicles and are building new robots with the brains, motors and vision sensors.
However, only 3 out of the 10 brains see the vision sensor as “Vision” The rest list the vision sensor as “Camera” and have a very different read-out and are not sensing colors, distance or size. The main screen remains blank.
Here’s a link to a pic showing the different displays for the same device on different brains.

Thanks for the help!!

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You need to update vexos on the V5 brains (showing camera) to the latest version, you probably want to update them all if they were part of the Self-Driving Automobile supplied to PLTW. Latest vexos is 1.1.1 and can be installed using VEXcode.


Duh - easy fix - THANK YOU!

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