V5 brain update 1.0.5 question

We recently updated our v5 brains (qty 4) with the 1.0.5 firmware. All of the updates went smoothly except one. The brain update said successful and proceeded to update the battery, radio, and controller successfully. However, every time we connect the brain to VCS it says update needed even though it reports the current firmware as 1.0.5. So far it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything but we get the update message every time we connect. Any ideas why it is doing that?

Hm… No
Check no other programs are open such as the V5 update utility.
Can you download and run programs from VCS ?

Have you restarted VCS? Ours did something similar until everything was restarted.

Should’ve thought of that. First rule of electronics, right?
Thanks for the help.
Restarting VCS did the trick.