V5 Brain will not connect

Hello. My school recently received kits from you guys and we have started building our clawbots. The issue I am having looking ahead is we cannot get the brain to connect to ANY computer or chromebook. We have connected the brain to the battery and then the brain to the pc with vexcode opened but it never will connect to any pc no matter how many ways we try. I thought it was driver issues but that flopped as well when I reupdated the V5 drivers. Please help me help my kids! (We are starting on the block program. I will test out if the issue occurs on the text program as well and update.) After attempting to run all of our brains on the same chromebook we have had 3 connect no problem to the block system and trigger the update. The other four will not trigger the firmware update. Is there a way to trigger the update process manually?



Have you tried a different cord?

Yes. We used one usb cord on all 7 kits then switched for the four that didn’t work and they still would not connect. From what I’m seeing it is an issue with the firmware update initiating. Three of the kits initiated the update and had no problem connecting after the update but the other four did not.

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