V5 Brain will not show number to connect to iPad

Has been working fine. Today, NONE of our VEX V5 brains will flash the number for the connection code for us to connect. Firmware shows as up to date. Any help appreciated.

Hey @jonathans, I’m one of the devs for VEX.

You could try hard resetting the app by dragging from the bottom and swiping the app up and power cycling the brains. The connection code is cleared on disconnect so that should force a disconnect in case it is in a weird state where they are trying to connect.

Also, what iPads and versions of iOS are you using?

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Tried all of that to no avail. When selecting to connect to a brain, we see the brains listed, but then when we click on one and then click connect, the connection code never displays on the iPads. We are running 14.0.1 in 6th Gen iPads. Like I said, everything was fine yesterday. Today, it isn’t.

Ok, so the dialogue for the connection code isn’t showing up on the iPad and the Brains aren’t turning red with the connection codes? Could you go to File -> About and give me the VEXcode V5 version and the SDK version? They should be right under the blue VEXcode V5 text.

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Actually, the student iPads we were having a hard time with are Software Version 14.3. VEXcode version is 2.0.5-671.

Update - When I got the student iPad to check it again before replying, it works this time.

That’s good. We have another version that we released recently. If you have any issues again you can try updating the app, the new version should be 2.0.6-63.


Thanks! We will update right now.

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