V5 Brain Wiring Digram

I have created for my team a V5 Brain Wiring Diagram and V5 Controller Mapping Diagram based on the PLTW Cortex Wiring Diagram and wanted to share it in case your team wanted to use it. I have attached both in PDF format below! (When we print it we scale it them 70%)

Vex Robotics V5 Brain Wiring Diagram - 1155A.pdf (77.4 KB)
Vex Robotics V5 Brain Wiring Diagram - 1155A (With Muti View).pdf (83.0 KB)
Vex Robotics V5 Controller Mapping Diagram - 1155A.pdf (89.1 KB)

EDIT: Version 2 V5 Controller Mapping Attached - V5 Brain Wiring Diagram With Multi Views Attached



I would recommend an entry for port 21 and creating a second side for the three wire ports.

Great suggestion did not even think of that. I will do that once I get the time.

I think a controller button mapping diagram would be a great addition too - might as well go for it all :slight_smile:

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Version 2 Updates:

  • Now with 3 wire ports
  • Now with port 21
  • Now with corrected V5 Brain port numbers
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Speaking of the mapping idea, here are two forms we use.

Great Thread, really like sharing ideas like these. Attached forms were created in Google Docs. NMS V5 Wiring Diagram.pdf (93.8 KB) NMS V5 Brain Mapping.pdf (249.9 KB)

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Version 1 of V5 Controller Mapping Diagram Added:

  • Now with a V5 Controller Mapping Diagram
  • Now with a V5 Controller
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@STek Awesome!! Great work on the updated forms.

don’t you have a competition tomorrow? or sleep :slight_smile:

many thanks for all this great effort! this is part of why I love VRC!

Would it be possible to show a straight on view of shoulder buttons? That would help novice teams orientate themselves with button assignments…

Great work! Keep it coming!

Side views for first port map for front 3 wires and side where power and port 21 will help novice teams orientate themselves to the map…

thanks for this great contribution!

New V5 Brain Wiring Diagram:

  • Same as Normal V5 Brain Wiring Diagram but with Multi Views

Version 2 of V5 Controller Mapping Diagram:

  • Now with view of R1, R2, L1, and L2 Buttons
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@STek This is amazing! The visuals are so clean! Can I ask how you made it?

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I used inventor and exported a view of the 3D models as a PDF