V5 Brain won't connect to computer


Our team recently acquired a new V5 brain, however, when we plugged it into my computer for some reason it would not show up. We never got the little pop-up saying that the “V5 brain has been connected” in VCS and it doesn’t show up in the devices and printers menu We have tried rebooting and resetting the computer to before it was plugged in, but to no avail.

When we tried it on our coach’s computer, it worked perfectly and it downloaded fine. The only difference is that the other computer is a new Windows 10 computer, while mine is an older Windows 7 system.

One theory we have is that for some reason the device driver didn’t download onto my computer for some reason, since when we first plugged the brain, instead of saying “Device driver successfully installed” it said “Error when installing device driver”.

Does anyone know what this problem is, or how to fix it? Or maybe find a brain drive that I could manually install?


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The drivers should be in the VCS program folder somewhere. They work with windows 7 so that shouldn’t be an issue.

OK, I’m in the C>Program Files (x86)>VEX Robotics>Drivers2>v5 Drivers folder. All I can find are some “Security catalog” files and “Setup information” files, along with 3 folders with other LIB files and application extensions that I can’t run. There’s one “Setup information” file that says “usb_vex_v5_brain_serial” that I tried opening, but it just opened as text. Do you know how to run the file?

Thanks again

go into the C>Program Files (x86)>VEX Robotics>Drivers2 folder and run the “Console Driver Installer.exe” as admin.

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Thank you very much! It now works on my computer just fine.

We are having a similar problem, we tried another computer, we turned the brain and controller off then back on, we restarted the program, everything. Other of our teams are stumped why it isn’t working. Help?

Lets keep the conversation on topic.
I’ll reply with some suggestions in the other thread you started.

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Thank you, for actually assisting.

My computer will only ever recognize the brain to be a “usb composite device”. I think that I have installed all the drivers I need to and don’t know what to do next. The brain does not appear in any coding studio.

I too am having issue with the brain talking to the computer. I installed the driver as indicated in post #4. Started the program up, and no option to download.