V5 Brain's Flash Write Endurance?

Hi everyone, I’m currently working on my team’s code for this season, and have decided to use PROS. This is because it has LVGL included, even if it is an older version. However, as it is a big library with a lot of different API calls which need to be correct to function, I have resorted to a lot of trial and error with it. So far, I have done around 50 uploads of the code, and I’m probably going to have uploaded it at least 200 times by the time I’m happy with it.

With all this uploading, I am starting to worry about burning out the V5 Brain’s flash storage, which I don’t expect to be of particularly high quality. Does anyone have any idea how many write cycles the V5 Brain can do before I have to start worrying about burning the flash out?

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I wouldn’t worry about it.
typical nor flash is good for around 100000 erase/program cycles and the file system in the V5 is a wear leveling file system so you are not constantly writing to the same area of flash.
One of my development V5s and been abused constantly for 4+ years and shows no signs of flash failure.

why would you think that, we use flash from more than one vendor, but all are well thought of.


I don’t doubt that, it’s just that from my experience, the flash I’ve used in a few embedded systems I’ve fiddled around with has failed after only a bit of abuse (Although now that I think about it, that is very likely because I did something wrong).

Anyway, it is definitely reassuring to hear that the V5’s flash shouldn’t be failing anytime soon.

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